So are you one of those people who use the same password for all the online sites you use? Or are you one of those people who use a variation of the same password by adding a number or many a number? Maybe you use your kid’s or pet’s names as passwords. I teach cyber security, and the first phase of hacking someone is to complete reconnaissance on the person. But we dig into all of your social media where I am sure you have your pet’s name and your kids. Oh, wait, you use the kid’s birthdays. We also see when you post pictures of those cute little parties. At the rate people are getting hacked and losing their identity, now is the time to tighten your password policies.

It is time to step up to a password manager. I know what you are saying. You keep your passwords safely in an excellent little tablet under your bed. I would have to admit paper is the safest place to keep all your passwords because if someone wanted, they would have to break into your house. But wonder if that little tablet came up missing? Or maybe the house catches on fire, and you lose all of those important passwords?

With a password manager, you remember one master password, and you can access the manager anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also place the app on your smartphone for easy access. The best way to use a password manager is to allow it to generate strong passwords for you and allow it to remember all of them. You also want to generate a new one for each site you visit. I recommend BitWarden because it is the one I use, and I am the most familiar with it.

When using BitWarden, I allow the software to generate a strong password for me to use on every website and network device. You can use BitWarden for FREE or pay $10.00 a year for the premium version. The premium version allows the app on your smartphone. Paying $10.00 a year is much better than losing your millions of dollars to hackers. Here is the link to BitWarden.

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