It seems these days that the Internet is full of ads. On every web page you visit, you are presented with many ads that get in the way of the content and begin slowing your Internet speed down. I know many of you might ask if a site did not show and use ads, how would they make money? Simply the site will ask for paid memberships. On this site, you will notice I have memberships which, if you see value in what I post, will support me with a membership fee. Once you become a member, you will be granted access to our members-only content. Using memberships, we are held to a higher standard to bring you content you need or enjoy reading or watching.

Many content creators will lead you to believe that they will not get paid if you do not watch the ads. This is not true. YouTube does not know that you are blocking the ads because they are blocked on your end after they send them to you. Google Adsense works the same way. If you are reading this site and you have an ad blocker, I will still earn the ad revenue because the ads are delivered to your computer, but they are stripped from seeing them.

Use one of these links to install AdBlock on your web browser. This is simply an extension that will allow you to view the Internet faster and, better yet, with no more ads!

Using Chrome:
Using Firefox:
Using Microsoft Edge:
Using Safari:

Please make sure you subscribe to this site. It is easy to join and FREE. If you want to support the site, please sign up for a membership for even more exciting content. I am working on an entire home ad blocker, so all your home devices will be ad-free.

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