Linux is a vast world of many looks. Linux is designed around what is known as distros. Each distro has different looks and some different features. Looking at my past blog posts, you will see that I enjoy experimenting with different distros. I use Linux Mint for my daily driver, which I have used for two years. I also use a Mac laptop daily for most of my school work. I teach Microsoft Windows at a local trade school where I still use Windows for education. But even on my desktop computer, I run Linux Mint for all my school activities.

So why Fedora, and why now? As you have just read, I enjoy learning new operating systems, and experiments give me more ways to learn. I also listen to a podcast called @DestinationLinux, where most hosts use Fedora. I thought I better give this operating system a try.

Where did Fedora get its beginning? Fedora is an open-source project that began with Red Hat. Red Hat is more of a closed distro of Linux that comes with company-backed user support. I used Red Hat years ago when I first started with computers. I remember getting a copy of a magazine on the Linux subject. Yes, I said magazine. Each Linux magazine would come with some version or distro of Linux. I installed it and, honestly, kept returning to Windows 3.1. I know I was crazy, but it is what I knew how to use.

But now, after being in technology for over thirty-eight years, I have become vast in many operating systems, and I don’t get scared off as easily as I did back then. I will post my first video with this post about learning to use Fedora Linux. If you want to subscribe to my work with Linux, please check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFABRsyW530dljy83mJJ4Rw. I hope that you follow my journey into the unknown world of Fedora Linux.

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