Windows 11 Notepad

This may not be the biggest story that the Internet has to offer, and it is not the most exciting update that has been made to Windows, but I do feel it is worth writing about. Notepad has been around since the first version of Microsoft Windows and has never seen updates to make it more useful. Now, notepad has tabs. Why do I feel this is a much-needed update? The main reason is that everyone expects tabs on any application they use. We have become tab junkies; look at how many tabs you have open on your Internet browser.

I teach tech students of all ages and recommend placing simple notes on any computer they work on. This allows any tech team member to sit at a computer and easily find the history of the machine they are working on. Many writers use notepad to jot down ideas for whatever they are writing. Instead of having notepads all over their desktop opened up, now they can have one clean interface and keep all of their notes open without cluttering the desktop.

Here is a picture of the new notepad application I opened this morning with three tabs. You can add more if you need them.

Microsoft’s updated notepad with tabs.

If you do not currently see the newly updated notepad with tabs, use Microsoft Update and update your Windows 11 computer to the latest version. If you have never used notepad, I would suggest giving it a try to see how Microsoft is making our lives a little easier.

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