Apple Vision Pro

I started watching the influencers receiving the new Apple Vision Pro today. You can see from this picture it looks like a set of kids’ swimming goggles. We also found out they are very heavy from the review I watched. This would leave all-day wearable out of the question. This is a nitch item for a nitch that does not need to be filled. This is an item for people who have too much disposable income. Or people who must have the latest gadget and do not care about the cost.

Let’s now talk about cost. $3,499.00, well at least it is not $3,500.00 so I guess that is something. Now, remember this is for a device with no keyboard or mouse. The interface looks like an iPad screen right in front of your eyes. I do not see what this gadget should be used for. I am not sure Apple even has a use for it. I can hear that conversation. Tim Cook yelled to the design department to create something big and expensive to increase our stock prices. I wonder what he thought when they handed him this device.

I may be out in left field somewhere. I said the same thing about the Apple watch and never left home without it. But someone else is the target market for this new device. But I am not letting my Apple stock go. I will hold the stock and see what happens. Good luck, Apple.

By jokorn

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