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I sat at my Windows 11 computer this morning and was notified of an update to Windows Power Toys. I simply clicked on the update now button, and the Power Toys were installed.

What are Windows Power Toys, you may ask? Power Toys are add-on utilities that make Windows more user-friendly. It adds functionality that I feel should be included in Windows in the first place. It allows you to use Windows faster and more efficiently.

Here is a list of all of the Power Toys in this new updated release:

Always on Top: Keeps an open application on top of other Windows as you work.
Awake: Keeps the computer from going to sleep.
Color Picker: Allows you to choose a color with an eye dropper.
Fancy Zones: Easy way to split up your screen for multiple applications.
File Locksmith: Allows you to see what processes a file is using.
File Explorer add-ons: Preview .pdf, .md, .svg, and others.
Hosts File Editor: You can easily add IPs and domains to the local host’s file.
Image Resizer: Quickly resize an image to the size you need.
Keyboard Manager: Remap keyboard commands to create shortcuts.
Mouse Utilities: Allows you to make your mouse highlighted.
Paste As Plain Text: Copy and paste any formatted text as plain text.
PowerRename: Easily rename files or a group of files.
Power Toye Run: Press your ATL button and hit the space bar. Opens applications.
Quick Accent: Adds quick accents to text in Notepad.
Registry Preview: Allows a quick way to view and edit system registry files.
Screen Ruler: Allows you to measure areas on the screen.
Shortcut Guide: Quick guide to all of your keyboard shortcuts.

Windows Power Toys allows you to get more work done quicker. Once you learn these tools, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

By jokorn

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