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If you are like me I enjoy installing and experiencing new distros of Linux. I teach Linux to High School students and I like to recommend different versions to my students. I am a long time supporter of Linux Mint and use it on my desktop school computer every day. For the students I encourage them to try different distros for the desktop and use the one they like. On the server side I only teach Ubuntu Linux Server. I have been using Ubuntu Server for years and it is a solid operating system to teach the students. For the Cyber Security portion of the class I teach Kali Linux.

I wanted to begin this article with some background before talking about Debian Linux. I know many of you will say, “WAIT” Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Kali are all based off of Debian and you are 100% correct. Last week I decided to try the straight Debian Linux on a bare metal machine. Let’s just say I am ready to switch back to Linux Mint.

From what you just read I am no NOOB when it comes to Linux. But I can honestly say that Debian has given me a run for my time. It just does not feel and act as polished at these other Distros. I am guessing that is the reason the other versions of Linux exists. I am not saying it is bad operating system. I see it as a solid operating system that has been around for a very long time. I am just saying for me to use an operating system I do so to get work done. I love learning new things and I always tell me students to never stop learning. But at the end of the day I need to also use an operating system that I am familiar with to get work done. And I also need a Distro that is polished and has a software store that I can find most of the software that I use on a daily basis.

Please do not allow this article to stop you from trying to operating systems. If you don’t experiment you will never know if there is something out there that works for you. For me it is my old trusted friend, Linux Mint.

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