Who on earth wants to change their operating system all of the time? What is an operating system? I think I need to begin this post with what is an operating system? An operating system is what you see when you start your computer. It is what runs the computer and allows you to install software onto your machine. Normally most of you who are reading this will be using Windows from Microsoft or OSX from Apple. Both of these operating systems work great but they are both paid for the software. You can not just down Microsoft Windows and install it anytime you want. With OSX you really should be using an Apple Mac Computer which is expensive for most people. So you have to ask yourself can you not use your computer without paying these high fees? Absolutely! Introducing Linux! Linux was created by Linus Torvalds around 1990 while he was studying computer programming. So why would Linus give away his operating system when everyone was making money with theirs? Simple he wanted to create an open computer society. Linux is known as open-source. Open Source software is software that anyone can add to and help build. So you have to be a programmer to use Linux? NO! Anyone can use it freely and install it on anything they want.

Since I teach Linux in my classroom I often find myself and my students trying out new Distros. Okay, now you are asking what is a Distro? A Distro is where someone takes the base Linux makes new menus and pre-loads certain software packages for you. And yes there is a website where you can see all of these different Distros. Check out Distro Watch. I am sure you will find a Distro that you will enjoy using. A few beginner Distros would be Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and PopOS which is the Distro I am testing out now!

I was so excited with the look at feel of PopOS that I had to write this post and share with you what I have experienced so far. The installation was straightforward and very easy to walk through. The menu bar is a Dock just like an Apple Computer. The application menu is clean and easy to find what you are looking for. I installed it onto the laptop I just restored and added a new Solid State Drive. I am also using 8 GIG of RAM. I always start testing the speed of on operating system by opening applications. I opened Libre Office writer and it loads very fast on this older system. I also test the boot time, this is the time it takes from you hitting the power button until the computer is ready to use. It is also very fast to boot.

Pictured below is a couple of screenshots of what the desktop and the application luncher look like. If you would like to download for FREE and try out PopOS use the like PopOS Download.

This is the desktop. Very clean and sleek looking.
This is the application launcher.

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