Libre Office

Another Office Package I have used on and off for years is Libre Office. Libre Office is today’s version of another FREE Office Package called Open Office. Open Office as a project is not worked on anymore and the efforts of the programmers have all moved to the Libre Office Project.

Libre Office comes with everything you will need to produce documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases all for FREE. What I like about the package is that it will work on Windows, Macs and of course Linux. You can also save and open all of the creations as Microsoft Office documents. You can also save as Microsoft Office so you can share them with anyone using Microsoft Office Package. Why is this important? Simply put no one will ever know you are using the FREE Office Package.

Don’t think that because this package is FREE it is no good! This is a full and better yet mature Office Package that will help you get any job done that you need an Office Package to do. Don’t wait to download it today and install it and begin to enjoy worry-free and better yet money-saving solutions.

By jokorn

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