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As you have read from my posts I am digging into FREE Open Source software. Why you might ask? I feel after working for a profit company now for a year companies are being held at ransom to paying high prices for software to run their companies.

WPS Office comes in a few models but you can also use it for FREE. There are paid versions for $29.00 a year you get everything they have to offer. I am just looking at the FREE version now and wanted to share it with all of you.

In many ways, I feel that it looks even nicer the Microsoft Office. It is also less crowded in the toolbars. If you use all of the features of Microsoft Office than I would say don’t change. But if you are only writing letters or resumes maybe this FREE software version will work for you. And the best part is it also opens and saves as all Micorosft file formats.

Have a look at try it for yourself. WPS Office

By jokorn

3 thoughts on “WPS Office”
  1. I tried thjis and found clunky and sometimes difficult to use. I also remember ads. Later I have learned that it comes from the “East” and I am lery of any free software from there.

    I have used libre office. I like it and found you need to remember to save as a doc.

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