First, before I start writing this post I need to explain what Linux is and what does it matter?

Let’s put this post in reverse and talk about what Windows is to computers? Windows is an operating system. Think of this as what the engine is to your car. Without the engine, you would have a hard time making the car go and really get you anywhere. Many people when I ask what the are running on their computer will tell me Microsoft Office. While Office is an application that allows us to get work done it is not what is running the computer.

So when we are talking about Linux we are talking about the operating system that runs the computer and allows you to run applications. Now for the good part, it is FREE or Open Source. Most people will tell you that Windows is free because it came with their computer. This is not the truth. The truth is that whatever computer companies machine you are using paid Microsoft to license Windows to pre-install onto the computer before you bought it. Remember the car we were talking about? It would be useless to buy a computer without an engine RIGHT?

So if your computer already comes with Windows why worry about this operating system called Linux? I would for a private company and the most expensive part of us owning and using computers is not the hardware it is the software that makes them run and allows us to get work done. We won’t even talk about how much we are paying for Microsoft Office and we now pay yearly so, in fact, we are leasing the office products.

So WHY LINUX? It is FREE to use FOREVER and has many programs that are also FREE to use for your company. There are versions to replace Windows on the desktop as well as versions to run for your servers, again FREE. So why do most companies not jump on this FREE bandwagon? Easy it is because you can’t use Microsoft Office on Linux YET! I feel it is coming soon. Microsoft makes a ton of money from the Office Software why not make it run on any computer without worrying about the operating system?

The picture I used for this post show what are know as Distros. Each distro is built and designed to allow you to use your computer the way you want and not have to live by one set of rules or one look. They also come with different software packages that you can explore. I will be posting more about Linux in future posts but for now, remember it is FREE to use and you can try as moany distros as you wish.

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