As if we didn’t have enough browsers Microsoft comes along with another new one. Really it is just the old one called Edge and they put the Chrome Browser Engine or guts into the Edge Browser. Mary-Jo Foley from the Twit Network and ZDNet has given it the name Chredge for Chrome + Edge. I think this is a fitting name for the new browser. I think Microsoft just calls it the New Edge?

So why a new browser and who cares? Well if you are reading this you must care enough to look into what this means for you? What happens with browsers is that you can get into a browser war as we had back in the ’90s. But really I don’t see a lot of need for these wars. No one is really making money off the browser. Some companies might tell you they are using it to push ads to you? But in the end, look for an extension like Ad-Block to cut down the ads you see anyway. What I look for in a browser is whichever ones seem to display the web pages the quickest I am the happiest with.

You can get a FREE version of this new browser here: New Chredge. Install it and test it for yourself. Just this morning I made it my default browser to really kick the tires and see if I am willing to leave my loved Chrome Browser? I will update you later and let you know what I fine.

By jokorn

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