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I used computers with only one monitor for years, and I was fine. When I started programming and became a Server System Administrator, I required more viewing space for projects I worked on. I went out and bought a larger monitor. It was a 24,” and I could not have been happier.

I used the 24″ monitor for a long time, which worked very well for all my projects. I was working for a company and hired a young man who was really into viewing many projects at once. When he set up his desk, he asked where the monitors were kept. As I watched the young man set up his desk, I noticed something that would change my life forever. He set up two 24″ monitors on his desk and wired them to the same computer. I didn’t ask why; I just sat and watched. Once he was done setting everything up, I walked over and sat at his workstation. Woo! I was blown away at how much screen real estate he had sitting in front of him. I was hooked! I pulled another monitor out of storage and set it up on my desk. I have been hooked on multiple monitors ever since. I would recommend that if you are using multiple monitors, you also buy a monitor tree. Use this link to order the one you see in my picture:

I also have friends that have been stepping up to wide curved monitors. Some of these are as large as 50″. I have been looking around and have not found the one I want to lay out the money to buy. But these monitors are excellent because they come with software that allows you to break them down to multiple screens but have everything on one stand. You can even drag the different monitors around the screen. If you want to order one of these fantastic monitors, use this link:

49″ Wide Screen Curver Monitor

You have to choose what you want to look at while working for hours on the computer. My main goal for having more monitor space is to be more productive. The other thing to consider is how much space you have on your desk. Measure all of your monitor space before you decide to buy, and then you will make the right decision.


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