Old Technology

Let’s face it we all have old technology sitting around our house or stuffed in a cabinet. Old cell phones, old computers, old laptops, and maybe even some old TVs. If you are like most people you are most likely very paranoid to toss it out in the trash besides this is bad for the environment. Or you might be thinking what if someone sees those pictures from the wild and crazy party you went to some years ago? And I hear all of the time what about all of my personal files on that old computer how would you even ensure that someone does not get your banking information? These are all real concerns and you want to protect your identity you would not leave your house open for strangers to walk inside and learn everything about you. So if you just give these devices away this is what could happen someone will learn a lot about you. So what do you do?

With cell phones before you toss them out of giving them away make sure you remove your SIM card. This is a very small card that resembles a memory card. I would also suggest that you do a factory reset on the phone. Just search YouTube and you will learn how to do this. For your computers, the best answer I can give you is to remove the Hard Drive. This is an internal storage device where all of your private data is stored. If you are not sure what this is or how to remove it please contact me and I can help you remove the Hard Drive. This also holds true for laptops. For old TVs, if they are LCD take them to your local Good Will store or a Mission where that old TV will be put to good use for a family in need, only if it is working. If you have an old Tube-type TV watch for an electronic recycling event and call before taking the TV to them some will take it and some won’t.

If you follow my suggestions and steps it is okay to get rid of your old technology. If you don’t want to be bothered by any of the steps I have given you contact your local schools or better yet trade schools we would be happy to have your older technology to allow our students to learn more about the devices and we will also wipe your hard drives for you. I hope that this article helps and if you still have questions please contact me.

By jokorn

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