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3D printing has been around for a while. I have not used 3D printers for a number of years. I recently was re-introduced to 3D printing while teaching Cyber Security and Networking. Today we were having an open house for 8th graders. Our students were 3D printing items to give out for the students. I kept watching and thinking I need to get back into 3D printing.

We had one person ask us today why on earth would Cyber Security and Networking need a 3D printer? The truth is that use 3D printers to create cases for small computers as well as parts that go inside of the computer cases. And like today we print little rewards for our students doing good jobs.

I set up a free account on Tinker CAD. I tried this online CAD program and found it easy to use. I plan on making some 3D models myself and having our students print them. I also want to teach my students more about designing 3D models to bring their ideas to life.

Pictured below are two of our 3D printers running print jobs. One is creating plastic chain links and the second one is printing little plastic boats to hand out to our visitors.

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