You might be asking yourself, what is cloud-based storage? Imagine never having to worry about what computer you are on so that you have access to all of your files. Imagine working at the office all day to get home and thinking you would like to work on a report on your office computer and you can not access the file? How can you handle all of this and never worry about which computer you might be using at any given time? Well, step up to Cloud Storage.

There are many cloud storage services such as Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and many more. I have tried them all and keep coming back to one PCloud. Why PCloud, you might ask? The first is that you get the most space for your money. The second is that it works everywhere, from your computer to your smartphone. It is crucial when you are away from your main computer and want to work on something important.

Encryption, What would you do if one of your essential client files were stolen and you lost a million-dollar client to the competition? With PCloud, you can encrypt your files, so you never have to worry about someone getting their hands on your valuable data.

Sharing files with friends and customers. Yes, PCloud has you covered there also. You can easily share files with friends, family, and clients. PCloud also works on every operating system that you might use. I am writing this on Linux, and I have my PCloud files linked to my Linux computer and my Macs and Windows computers.

Please use this link https://u.pcloud.com/#page=register&invite=fHoL7ZCUDsLy and sign up for a FREE PCloud account today and try it out. If you enjoy it, sign up for a complete account and enjoy all of the space you need online at a price that everyone can afford.

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