You might have heard or maybe this is all new to you. Microsoft has now built VS Code and has it running on the web. You might be asking yourself, why is this important? Well, the simple truth is that now you can work on your programs where ever you are and on any type of device or Operating System. As you can see in the picture with this post I have it opened on an iPad.

Why is this important to a programmer? It will allow them to make last-minute touch-ups on code before they present it to a client. It will allow them to work on their code or even update a web page with any type of device while working in a familiar interface.

Are there draw backs? YES! I have found that I can’t load most of the estensions that I use on my laptops. I have also found that on the iPad you have to have a GitHub account to really make is useful. I have not tried this on a Chromebook yes but I will be doing this over the next few days.

The simple truth is if you are a developer then you want to keep coding on the full computer of your choice. The web version is nice as I said for touch-ups but not for laying out and developing a fully functional program. Until they can allow all of the extensions to be installed which will take a while I will be writing all of my code using my trusty laptop.

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