Many of you may have never heard of a Raspberry Pi and you might even think it is some kind of device used only for learning how to program. But in reality it is a full featured working computer that is smaller than your cell phone.

Does the Raspberry Pi run Windows? No but it compes with it’s own operating system and includes everythng you need. Word prossor, Slides, Spreadsheets and even a drawing program. Best of all using the software store there are thousands of applications you can install with a click of the mouse.

Can you play high ends games on the Raspberry Pi? No it is not made for that. But you can connect it to two monitors and have a computer capable of doing homework, business work and even writing programs using Visual Studio. You can order this amazing device here: Once you receive the Raspberry Pi connect it to your monitor and add a wireless mouse and keyboard and turn on the device. Install the Raspberry Pi software and you will be up and running in minutes.

This little computer does not take up much room on your desk. You could even velcro the Raspberry Pi onto the back of the monitor and have a sleek-looking fully functional computer.

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