Linux Server

Linux Server is not much to look at, but it is a very powerful Operating System and runs about 90% of the Internet. If you are reading this blog, you are now using Linux, and you were not even aware of it. You can see in the picture above why so many people are afraid of the Linux Server is because it runs with no GUI (Graphical User Interface) and it really does not need it. Whenever you have a GUI sitting on top of any Operating System it presents its own overhead or in simple terms uses memory and computer resources that you really don’t want on a server.

I have been working on setting up a new Linux Server to handle all of my websites and database traffic. I find it rewarding to gain knowledge and also be able to control my server to do what I want it to do. This site is running on what is known as shared hosting. This allows most everyday people to set up a website with zero knowledge of the backend server and installing all of the needed items. I am working on a new video series that will assist you to set up and build a website from start to finish using a hosted service.

Linux Mint

Please don’t get the Linux Serve interface confused with Desktop Linux. Desktop Linux, such as a Linux Mint pictured above can be used by anyone who can click an icon. It is a lot easier than years ago and much more stable than Windows. I will write more on Desktop Linux later. I will also create some videos to show you just how easy it is to run your computer for FREE! No more buying all of those expensive programs to get the job done.

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