So I have been working today at finding ways to develop on the iPad and I wanted to install a version of Linux to work inside with. I found ISH which is total garbage! You can not install any applications such as nano or python to even begin developing. I was hoping to have something very portable to work with when I am away from the house.

I did find a Vim editor which if you are used to Vim than bless you because it is like trying to learn how to launch a missile when are 5 years old. It is clunky at best and just does not have any modern day features. I wanted to install VS Code on my iPad. Microsoft LISTEN to me we need a full code editor for the iPad. We need your help for this one.

Well I guess I will only develop on a computer using Mc OS or Linux which I prefer to use anyway. I hope one day that the iPad will be used for more than just consuming and more for developing.

By jokorn

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