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If you listen to my podcast at you have heard me talking about writing custom VBA Macro code for Excel projects at work. We live in Excel and if you are like I am you hate to do the same manual task over and over like coping rows or making sheets? I lived with doing this for a few months. I knew I either had to fix it or run off yelling NEVER AGAIN! So I taught myself how to code using VBA really I have coded in VBA in Access years ago but never in Excel. What is really nice with the Office products is that once you learn to code in one Office product you can code in all of them.

I will work on a video soon to show very easy ways to begin programming Macros and how easy it is to share what you have written with other users in your office or around the World.


If you do not see the Developer tab on your ribbon RIGHT click the ribbon and go into the customize setting. Make sure the checkbox is checked for Developer. Once you click OK and close the box you will see the new tab in the ribbon. There are also a lot of How-To videos on YouTube. Check them out and start making your life a whole lot easier.

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