Keeping your personal data safe from others is always a up hill battle. Seems like everyone and every company is getting hacked these days. Most people don’t even think of securing their own data. How many times I walk into a office to work on a machine and find the password written on a post-it-note and see it sticking to the monitor. Or when I see people sitting in a coffee shop at the mall checking their banking accounts using public WiFi or their cell data just kills me.

I know using Two-Factor Authentication is a pain in the butt but it will be even more of a pain to try to recover money stolen from your bank account. Even more it will be bad for you to apply for that shinny new car you want to have the dealer tell you that you have no credit available. 

In today’s world and with all the having going on it is better to play it safe. I would suggest that you turn on Two-Factor Authentication on all of you personal accounts. I have found I can even use Google Two-Step on many sites. You should even protect your cloud based file storage. 

So check your banking accounts and your credit account today and see if they have a Two-Step you can turn on. At most when you log in you might get a text message with a one time access code that changes each time you check your accounts. You work way to hard for your money. Now you need to work a little more to keep it safe.

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