So what is touch typing? Touch typing is just what is sounds like. You use the keyboard on the tablet to create your text. Touch typing is available is every app on the tablet that I have found. It does take some getting use to. One thing I have found is that there is no clicking that we are use to. One thing nice about touch typing at least on the iPad is the use of suggestive words as you type. What keyboard can do that? Children today are growing up using touch typing. You see this everywhere you go. Mom or dad hands a young one their phone and you see the child touch typing. Now that’s not to say they are creating anything such as this blog post but they do know their way around the touch keyboard. We see in schools more of the schools are giving their students an iPad to do their class work on. Will we one day see touch typing in offices across the country? I am not sure but I do know carrying a tablet is a lot lighter then carrying any laptop. This entire post was done on the iPad. If you have a tablet and you are using a extra keyboard I challenge you to instead open a app and try touch typing for yourself. The future is coming each day and I challenge you to tell me what’s next? 

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