That is correct, as most schools are still teaching keyboarding and spread sheets our school is teaching kids to program! We have worked hard and transformed our business / keyboarding class into a modern times 21st century classroom.

If you work for a school or if you run a district and would like to move your district into the future and out of the 1900’s contact me and together we can work on a plan to move your kids into the future.

We have our students programming in “Scratch” this is a free web based programming interface created and supported by MIT.

Scratch gives the students an easy way to understand programming on a logic fashion. They pull in each command rather then typing it into an IDE. When they pull in the command they can run the program and see what effect the command issued has on the entire program.

One young man created a two player game that as he puts it has a automatic gravity pull. I asked, “What this does for the over all game?” He told me, “It keeps the characters from flying off the screen if you do not keep hitting the up arrow key.” He then added, “If you don’t play the game the character will simply fall to the ground and then game over.”

To say the least I was impressed. Computer classes have come a long way from simply learning keyboarding and Microsoft Office. My hat goes off to the teachers of today, pushing the kids and opening their minds to create the programming we need for years to come.


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