Backup Power


Mar 26, 2014

In today’s world with all of the power we have being used for so many reasons and the draw that we are always putting on the main power grids could lead us to outages. Even with the storms of today and high winds having our power lines hanging on poles could lead to darkness in our homes.

Even if we don’t have a full power outage, we could and many times a day do experience what is known as power spikes. This is when the voltage in our house my go from a steady 110 volts and leap to 110.5 or drop to maybe 109.5. Either way it is not good for our computer gear to have these spikes happen. It takes a toll on the power supplies and circuit boards.

Even if not for our computers, think for a moment about all of that food you have in your freezers. You never want to have to toss your food because it thawed out.

You first defense it to pickup a battery backup for your computer gear. A lot of you reading this is shaking your head and saying, “I know I have a surge protector.” Surge protectors are great if there is a surge of power over a curtain power level. But for the small spikes, they are allowed to hit your gear. The battery is a way to maintain your power levels.

A backup generator is a large expense and to be honest not one that I have jumped into. If you buy a generator, pick up one large enough to supply power to your main house hold products. You should hire an electrician and have them wire it into a panel that can be switched on when that day of need arrives.


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