It is amazing how much technology is used in sports today. Everything from keeping score, tracking players speed, talking to players and the most obvious recording all of the action.

I was amazed when the football coach showed me a device that measures the amount of pressure a football player hits a push sled. The device then use wireless technology to send this information to the coach’s smart phone.

If you watch the NFL you will at times see the coach on the sidelines talking into a headset. A lot of times these headsets are connected via wireless to the quart backs helmet.

What has amazed me over the years  is the camera coverage. Years ago you would get one view from the press box. Today we have every angle that is possible. The one camera I think is really cool is the one above the field that is on a zip line and travels back and forth as the players run up and down the field.

In today’s world is would be really hard for any professional sporting team to play their sport without the use of technology. I wonder if you have seen or know of any technology used in sports?



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