I used to tell everyone that the computer is to useful to be used for gaming. Well I was right about one part of that statement. The truth is that the computer can handle many tasks and handle them very well.

Computer gaming has become part of our culture. I never thought in my life time that I would see my 78 year old mother sitting at a computer playing games. But she spends a lot of time sitting playing bingo on POGO with friends she has never met face to face but she knows them online.

So why did I want to talk about gaming? How does this fall into our morning talks about technology or photography?

As I said for years I told people don’t waste your money buying a computer to use it for gaming. I was wrong about this statement. I feel that gaming will keep your hands more active and open your mind. It also has a direct effect on your reactive times. I now believe that gaming will help you to keep your brain firing and keep your mind reacting.

You don’t have to play combat games. Simple puzzle games or a simple game of bingo online will help you to react and keep your senses engaged. Over the past few years games have been created to capture the very audience of the adult population. Anyone ever play farmville? I used to have a virtual farm on Face Book.

If you have never played any games online. I would suggest that you find something to play to keep all of your senses firing and keep your mind working.



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