I am attending a education and technology conference this week. We can never learn enough about new trends and I have to keep a handle on trends in technology as the impact education.

Last evening I had the pleasure of sitting and talking to some of my peers from schools across the state. There seems to be a growing issue that I tuned into. Schools today, all schools, I thought for a while it was only mine; are digging and reaching for all things tech. It is really hard to settle on one form of tech because it is changing so fast.

So what is the answer with technology and education? It looks like we have to pick what works for your school, your teachers and most important of all your student body. I often use the term and push the issue that our students need and deserve to see all of the tech that we can toss at them. In reality I now think that our students need and deserve what will work for them to get the task done that they are trying to complete.


Yes conferences will open your eyes and allow you to see into ideas and thoughts that you may not have had before attending. I really enjoy the networking aspect of just walking up to someone I never met and saying, “Hello I am Jack, where are you from?” Then you open dialog with someone you never met. Time to get ready to head out to the keynote and learn more then I knew yesterday.



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