So just what is a cord cutter? It is anyone that has disconnected from any type of cable TV. From standard cable companies to fiber or maybe you are a satellite user like myself?

If you cut your cords to the traditional TV programming providers in the world where would you get your content?,, or maybe You Tube? Even the networks are now beginning to put their shows onto their web site normally the day after it airs. So why do we continue to pay so much for TV programming?

I think it is history. It is the way we are use to getting our entreatment. When I was talking about having our home phone line removed from the house; my wife was not happy. She said she is more use to reaching for the receiver and picking up the phone. It has now been four years and we are still very happy to not be getting those ROBO calls any longer.

So if you still enjoy paying $100.00 or more the same shows that you can watch over the Internet that is fine. I for one have began to move my families viewing over the the Internet. Now we never fight over the TV because they are watching on their IPads, laptops and even smart phones. (So are you a cord cutter)?

Cord Cutter

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