Let’s face it if you have a Windows computer then antivirus is a necessary evil. You have to protect your computer from all of the outside evils. This would be items such as worms, trojans and other bad items that you don’t want on your home of office PC.

If you are like a lot of people I have met over the years they will tell you if you don’t pay for something then it just won’t work. Let me give you facts from my own findings.

If you run Norton Security or McAfee you will begin to see your computers slow down to a crawl. This is because they become so super suspicious about every program you open and every file you read on your computer. They also want to scan every web page that you view, even if you visited the site many time over. At the end of the day the kill your processor. And even worse then all of this, they charge you every year for updates!

Why not move to a more stable and more cost efficient ¬†solution? Move over the my favorite Avast, or my second which is AVG. Both of these will give you many years of service and always FREE updates. Even the program is FREE. You can’t go wrong. If you still want to spend money on nothing, I have a bridge for sell that you might want to hear about?

Avast: http://www.avast.com/

AVG: http://free.avg.com/


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