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Jan 21, 2014

With each year passing we always seem to have new technology to get us through the day and even through the week. This is by no means new technology, but it maybe new to you? I am talking about PODCASTS. I have been podcasting since 2005 and I now create and produce 4 podcasts each week. I will give you the links at the end of this post.

What is a podcast? A podcast is created by any normal person and sometimes not so normal. Most podcasts are created as either an MP3 or OGG and AAC formats. Each one of these are audio files. They are created by recording your voice onto the computer.

So what do podcasts contain and why would you want to listen to any body sitting around and talking into the computer? If you can think of a subject, I would say there is a podcast out there covering it. You will find people that have a passion for a subject and they want to share the information with the world. Most of the time these are FREE!

So how do you find and listen to podcasts? Your first stop should be ITunes. Download it for free, it works on Windows and Macs. Click on the STORE and then click on PODCASTS. When you find one you wish to listen to just click on it and tune into the show. If you like it click on the SUBSCRIBE button.

At times you will find a podcast you really like to listen to. Before you click on the SUBSCRIBE button, check the latest date on the most current podcast. If the date is longer then a month old the podcaster most likely shut down the show.

You can also check out I produce two of my shows live on Spreaker each week. What is nice about this service is that they have created a sort of LIVE radio. You can get the app for you smart phone and tune in live or listen later. Check out my shows and please subscribe.

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