Let’s face it as we get more and more gear we tend to require larger and larger gear bags. The only draw back about getting larger gear bags is that they tend to become very heavy.

When you are searching for a gear bag for photography equipment there are a few main items I look for.

1. Be able to hold all of my camera bodies and lenses.

2. Have a outside strap to hold a small tripod.

3. Have outside pockets for easy access to my lens cloth and blowers.

4. Have some kind of comfortable straps to carry the bag, (“I like the back pack style straps”)

The bag I always seem to lean towards or I should say company is Lowe Pro. I just like their quality and their quick strap to access my cameras.

The main thing to remember when selecting your bag is ensure you can lift it when it is FULL. Happy shopping.

LowePro Sling Shot

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