I really see this movement into the new area of mirror less cameras as the computer is now being shoved into the cameras. With all the talk about how the digital processing is happening in the camera. And now we are removing the mirror and allow the camera to handle even more of the workload for what we are trying to capture.

We have seen for years the computer being placed into cameras. Almost any camera you pick up now has some kind of editing feature built into the camera. I can do a lot of edits even changing color and adding small items with my Nikon D600. I have even found cameras that will create a perfect panoramic just by you moving slowly from left to right and allowing it to grab the shots.

So in the bottom line is mirror less cameras better in any way then what we are using now? I am not sure and until I pick one of these up I really can’t answer that question. There are some key points to be made. One they are lighter then the full DSLR. Two the lenses are built smaller then the DSLR. But do these points make you want to sell what you have and run out and buy a new mirror less camera? I have to say NO for me. But I am just one guy with one way of looking at things. Maybe I am an old dog not wanting and new tricks? But what I am really looking at is that I have a ton of money invested in glass for my D600 so I am not ready to sell all of that at a loss and move onto something new.

If there are any companies out there who read this and build mirror less cameras. Contact me I would love to get one in and run it through it’s full range of motions. Pictured below is the new Sony A7R, selling for about $2,300.00 with no lenses. YIKS!

Sony Mirror Less

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