Sometimes and in some places people prefer not to get involved in the Face Book or Twitter movement. They really prefer just to stay away from the entire technology movement.

Do you ever wonder why anyone would want this kind of life style? I have often been caught saying that I would like to be back in the seventies again. We didn’t have computers or cell phones and we were just fine. What we seemed to have was more of something a lot of people are lacking these days. This is a little something called family. We used to talk with each other in what is today known as RT or real time.

Well there are still groups out there who prefer this life style. We took this past weekend and visited the Amish country. Where things like electric and cars are never talked about. Where there are no home phones let alone cell phones. Where family are still family and each person works with the other. It is not a bad way of life. I do feel that they are cutting their children off from the World but I still think they are fine.

I am in no means saying you can not have family and technology. We still eat at the dinner table every night with our teenage and young adult children. It allows us time to chat about their days and their lives. And when we are at the table there are NO CELL PHONES allowed. Even mine and my wives are placed some where other then the kitchen.

Today’s thought, sometimes you need to set your power switch to off.


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