I always have a lot of people emailing me or coming up to me at work asking, if I could only have one lens what would I suggest? My return question is always asking them about how much they want to spend?

For a good everyday lens that would cover all bases; I would suggest a lens that has a broad focal range. You don’t want to hand a 50mm fixed lens on your camera and head out on a landscape shoot. You need something that will go from wide to long range zoom. You also want something with a decent aperture that we talked about last week.

I want to introduce you to the New Sigma Lens; 24-105mm f/4. For only $900.00 you will not find a better piece of glass for the price. This is that one lens that you can connect up and hit the road. It would be great for portraits to landscapes and everything in between. And it comes from my first choice for lenses, Sigma!

Sigma 24-105

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