I receive hundreds if not thousands of emails and phone calls from everyone in almost every walk of life. The question I keep getting over and over should I buy one of the cheaper Nikon cameras?

This is the simple facts and I just talked about this yesterday. You get what you pay for and this holds true with camera gear.

I have been shooting Nikons for well over a decade now and I understand how they make their cheaper cameras. If you buy one of the low cost models which would be like the D5200, D5300, D3000 or really any of the lower cost line you will pay more money later. As my partner at work always reminds me companies are not in business to loose money. The reason these cameras will cost you more money in the long run is that they all have one thing in common. They all have no internal focus motor. So what does that mean? The focus motor has to be in the lens, which in turn makes the lens cost twice as much as the prosumer camera models.

The D80. D90, D7000, D7100, D600 and D800 all have a focus motor built into the camera body. This allows you to select many brands of lens and for a lot less. We could go on and on about why these camera are cheaper but I really don’t have the time now and you may not want to read all of the facts?

Will these cameras take nice pictures? Of course they will but remember these are just a little yes just a little better then a point and shoot camera. These are cameras that are steeping stones to get to the pro based cameras or at the very least the prosumer grade of cameras. Also if you start with the prosumer camera line the second list; your lenses that you buy will stick with you as you grow into the pro camera line. If you have the cheaper models your lenses can go with the camera and you will have to buy all of your sizes once again. If you have any questions of comments I would like to hear from you. Use my voice mail line in the upper left.


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