This is especially true when it comes to any type of electronics. This is the time of year that everybody and their brother comes up to me and asks “Which device should I buy for so and so”? As soon as I say if you are buying a computer buy a Mac, I always get I can’t afford that much money! Then I start to tell them about some other options. If someone is going to ask me what device to buy and they wanted the cheapest computer or tablet that I know about I just walk away from them.

I am not the richest person in the World, hell I am not the richest in my neighborhood. But I have learned one thing in my life time.  This is something that my dad stuck in my head after we bought our first house. I was working at putting in a new kitchen and when it came to selecting the sink and facet I told him that I found a great set for about $50.00! He responded that if I buy cheap I will just be replacing sooner.

You don’t have to buy a Mac but I have found them to last for a longer period of time then a PC. You should stay away from the cheap laptops anything under $500.00 is just not worth it. If this is something that you like to buy your kids each year then look for the ones around $200.00 or less. I am sure they will hate you for the gift after about 4 months if that long.

I know even after writing this and even after you reading this, you are going to head to the local discount store and buy the cheapest piece of crap that you can find. Maybe save your money and buy your kids some candy for their stockings instead.


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