We all use them, we need them to be able to operate just about everything we own any more. I am talking about power strips. We have a need to charge our cell phones, music players, even our digital e-readers that we talked a few weeks ago.

The one thing I do not like about power strips is that the plugs all run back to back to each others. You may still have speakers on your desk and if you look at the plug it is normally one of the wide plugs. It always seems these plug fit no where.

Well there is someone out there that has been paying attention. Now you can buy a bendable power strip. I have also seen what is called the octopus power strip which has multiple plugs hanging off the cord.

Can out Amazon for a bendable power strip and never have unused plugs again. Please remember if you buy anything from Amazon use my Affiliate link at: http://www.jackstechcorner.com.

Power Strip



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