In today’s modern World which started some years ago when the very fist person used a credit card. A lot of people would say this was the greatest invention on the 20th Century. I remember my dad saying that it was a great time to be alive when you can spend money that you didn’t even earn yet!

In reality we are all on the loosing end of this credit card movement. The banks are on the winning side with the interest we pay them. Even a little is more then using cash?

So why I am bothering you with this today? Because today we have debit cards and even more scary store cards. There is a book out called Big Data. The book digs and talks about how much data is collected from everyone who walks the earth.

Every time we swipe our cards we have not only how much you spent go to the bank; we also know that the store are putting data into their servers on not just how much you spent but what you bought. So the next time you reach for your card to swipe, you might want to pull out cash instead. But as long as we swipe we will continue to have targeted marketing with ads coming your way.


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