Everyday I wonder just how many times a day I look at my technology? What I am really talking about is how many times do I take my smart phone out of my pocket and check one thing or the other?

I normally loose count as soon as I get to work. If your day’s were like ours you would understand that counting the number of times that we check our phones is just out of the question. I think it is because we check it so many times a day that we just could not keep up.

Really the smart phone has made us really efficient. We no longer have to run back to our computers on our desks to check our support tickets. We can now have a quick look at our phone and do all the calls in a certain area.

Today I am going to do my very best to count the number of times I open my phone. I tried to find a app that would count this for me and keep track. If there is anyone reading this that can design a app please write it and let me know.


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