Nov 19, 2013

Driving has changed for ever. I think one of the hardest things about driving when I was a young man was finding places that I have never been to before. I remember my dad always saying he just never liked to explore new places because he was afraid of getting lost.

Then most of used some forms of maps from the local gas stations. This was a huge step unless you were by your self. How on earth could you read a map and still be able to drive the car? I know you would pull over and grab the map and remember you next two or three turns.

Next in the computer age we started using Map Quest. This was a great service because we could map out our routes before we left the house. It was really nice to have turn by turn placed nicely on paper. We use to tape these to our dash which worked well.

In today’s age we have the GPS. This has to be one of those greatest inventions of the 21 century. Now you can be lost and pull out the GPS click on your home button and it will locate you and guide you home. One day we programmed 5 locations into our GPS that we have never visited. We then had a great day driving around a local city and visiting new locations. My dad would love driving today. He would never be lost and be able to see more of the World around him.


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