Growing up with my family years ago seemed like a easier time and a time when the kids became the remote control for the TV set. My dad would just have to give a voice command and one of us would get up and change the channel on the TV set.

Then came the remote control that really made many Americans and citizens around the World became a real and true couch potato.

Next in the ever changing World of television was the invention of a VCR. Remember the VHS and BETA wars of the 70’s? This really changed the way that we watched TV. No more sitting at home on a nice day when we could be out at a lake with fishing poles in hand. We now taped everything. We also had a great way to rent movies and save families money from going to the movie theater.

Then this little company opened their doors and kind of snuck right into the love of all families from all walks and really economical standings. Just about everyone I know has this device in their home. We can now tell this great device that changed once again TV for ever; record all of our new shows. And it figures it out and our shows are saved onto out TIVO!

At this point in the story and just really writing it and reading this over in my mind I am not sure if we needed all of these changes? But I do know as I am sure you are aware; it did give us our lives back. We are now in control of what we watch and when we watch it. THANKS TIVO and all DVR’s.


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