Every year around this time I get asked by many people about what to buy a loved one or even harder their children. My first question is always how much do you want to spend? Well if you have the budget and you want a device that is going to stand the test of time and keep ticking year after year. Check out the new IPad Mini Retina.

The specs or speeds of this device are the same as they are for the new IPad Air. The real difference is the screen size. All of the mini’s have been dubbed as the choice for many women because they can fit these in their purse. For men, well I don’t know where we will carry our IPad mini’s but there is some part of me that wants one.

We have many Retina IPad’s and the screens are beautiful. The detail is very crisp and clear. Pricing is set at: 16 Gig – $399.00 / 32 Gig – $499.99 / 64 Gig – $599.00. / 128 Gig – $699.00.

So the bottom line to this post and my thoughts. If you have the money and you are looking for something that will last, is light and can even promote reading for children. You can’t go wrong with buying the new IPad Mini Retina.


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