Ever since I started my career in the computer field I had to be aware of and have in my tool bag a way to fight viruses. Today’s World is very much the same that I start this fight in many years ago. The only thing that changed is that we are no longer worried about scanning a floppy disk that a friend handed us. We now have our computers for the most part connected to almost full time to the largest virus delivery system in the World; yes the Internet.

I often just want to crawl under my desk when ever I hear someone tell me that they went out and bought some expensive AntiVirus! There is no need to spend money on something to protect your computer systems. There are FREE programs out there that will do the job and I know I have been using them for years.

You may be asking your self if these programs are so good then why are they FREE? Great question and I would have that same one if I did not already know the answer. The answer is simply if you are using it at home and it works; you may tell your IT department at work or maybe your CIO and then the company will have a chance to protect your office computers. There is also the face that these companies may just want to clean the World of evil viruses.

Please use these links and try out these great products. The one I currently use is AVAST. I have used AVG in the past but found that it tends to be a little in your face when it updates. The last one Bit Defender I have never tried. I hope these help you to save money and I know they will protect your computer.




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