Yesterday’s show was great! We had and maintained 40 viewers thought out the show. I hope that you will join us each Sunday morning at 10 AM EST. Just visit this site and click the LIVE SHOW page.

This weeks show we dug into using layers. When we look at layers in Photoshop and Elements we need to break it down and think of it as paper. I always talk about this in my on location classes. If you can remember when you were younger and took tracing paper and placed it over a comic strip to trace the picture. This in fact is a form of layers. So when we use layers we are laying one layer on top of another. If the top layer is transparent you will see what is under it.

Next we dug into using blending modes. When we use a blending mode it effects what ever layer we are clicked on or that is selected. We wanted to effect the entire picture and drop the overall exposure. So we used Multiply; this allows us to lower the exposure on the entire layer.

Last we used a layer mask which was first seen in Elements version 9. This allows us to paint on the layer mask using a brush and painting BLACK on top of the WHITE mask reviling what is under the layer. As you can see layers play another important role.

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks show if you didn’t catch it on you tube please do so. or listen to the podcast at

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