I often get asked what kind of router do I need for my home. Or another one is, do I need a wifi router if there is cell service close to my house?

First when I get asked if someone needs a wireless router I ask them what they wish to do with their Internet? Most times I am told they just got an iPad or laptop and want to sit anywhere and be able to shop and browse the Internet.

Let me start by saying one thing. If you buy cheap then you get cheap. Most people call me and tell me that they can’t get signal all over their house from their new wifi router. When I go out to help them I find a four story house or a house that is layed out over a quarter mile. Remember how I started this. If you buy cheap you get cheap. You need to look for a router not because of price but more so at how it will cover your house with wireless. And yes even if there is cell service near your house you need to have some kind of wireless connected to your home Internet to provide service to your local devices.

So what should you pay for a router? If you live in an apartment then pick up one of the cheaper guys. They will give you great coverage and save on the bank account. If you own your own home, don’t go cheap. I normally look for a router in the range of a hundred to a hundred and a half. Doing this I know the router has good output power and it will cover my entire house.

If you have any questions about buying a wireless router please drop me an email. I would love to get your questions out to on the blog. 

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