I had the great opportunity to assist with a group of second graders. The teacher was working with the kids to create Photo Stories.

Photo Stories are short video slide shows using still pictures and music to create their videos. Now if that is not amazing enough to see these very young groups creating videos. They also had to open and save their videos to their server drive.

I was working with one youngster and I would ask to have them log onto the server. I watched with amazement as the youngster entered their user name and their password. Open up My Computer and then open their server drive. Then the child opened their saved Photo Story into the application.

You can never have a great player until you have a great coach. This teacher working with these kids showed great patients and guidance with these young children.

Kids today are learning younger and younger to use computers and iPads in their daily education. I really hope that our colleges don’t crush this as they get to their secondary education years? I have seen many colleges on recent visits living in the stone ages. I think in the coming years the students will show the demand for the colleges to move forward or be left holding empty sacks of cash.

Kids ComputersImage from Google Images

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