As everyone who reads this blog and knows of my background should know that I am a techie. I love technology and use it everyday. I teach technology and help teachers use tech in their classrooms. Now for the, “BUT”.

I have asked many educators and I have tried to determine the reason concerning the removal of CURSIVE writing in the classroom. I am not talking about the high school level I am referring to elementary school.

I was told that in this day and age kids won’t have to do any hand writing. I realize that the check book is going away. And I know that not many people are writing books any longer with a pen and paper. But what if you buy a house? Or a car? Or want a loan from the bank? If any of these things hold true for you then you will have to use CURSIVE, or just simply mark an X on the paper?

I push everyday, NEW NEW NEW technology. Teach kids about the world they live in. But until we are willing to allow our students to GOOGLE every question on our State tests, we need to keep CURSIVE writing in the classrooms.

So what are your thoughts? Should we replace CURSIVE writing with Laptops or IPads? NO I think we need to have a BALANCE between both the OLD and the NEW.



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