Since I write about technology and a lot of times how it changes our lives I thought I would talk to you about what you most likely already knew.

In this world and at this time we are always being watched. Do I mean big brother with a satellite beaming down and watching us in our homes? No, what we are talking about is everywhere you go and almost every store you walk into you are on cameras. People watching our every move. Sort of, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Once my brother in-law was traveling on the turnpike and as he approached the toll booth he discovered with great horror that he had no cash for the toll. Not knowing what to do and since this is 2014 and the turnpikes still did not have a swipe and go with our credit cards, he drove through and keep going. Three to Four days later he received a ticket in the mail with a picture of his license plate. The camera caught him.

As you walk down the streets of most major cities in the USA you will find cameras hanging everywhere. This makes me feel safer because I know that the police can’t be everywhere. But for the bad guys this is like putting the law on every corner.

My thought of you really being watched all of the time. I used to work in retail theft prevention. We had cameras covering almost every corner of the store and they were all displayed on about forty monitors in the security office. We watched one at a time. So you have a 39/1 percent chance that I would miss what you might be doing.

The next time you walk around you city look above your head and see what you might see looking back at you. And when you walk into stores look around for dooms hanging from the ceilings.


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