Technology has been solving issues all over the world and each and everyday. I never thought technology could be brought into something that I didn’t even know was an issue?

My Step Daughter handed me her new vapor cigarette last evening. I looked at this little tube of metal and said what is this used for? She said that it is a way to smoke huka pipe without all of the smoke. With my wife yelling don’t smoke that thing in this house. My step daughter said not to worry it is a water vapor. NO SMOKE.

I took a drag and felt what seemed like smoke entering my mouth and it had a pleasant taste to the vapor. She took a drag and made small smoke rings as she exhaled.

You can find these vapor cigarettes  with and without nicotine. And there are almost a million companies that are making and selling these little vapor wonders. I found an online store that I am going to order my first set and try them out to allow me to sort of pipe smoke in the house. Since I have to do that outdoors. I will keep you updated on how my experiment goes.


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